Idle War

Idle War sets you as the commander of an army of futuristic tanks, robots and airships charging into wave after wave of enemies in a bid to take over more territories of a post apocalyptic Earth. Download Idle War now to gain glory in idle real time strategy!


Warzone - Mobile RTS Evolved!

Warzone is set in a near future and delivers head-to-head realtime strategy battles in short sessions. General vs. General, Tank vs. Tank, Artillery vs. Artillery and Troops vs. Troops fighting over bases on arena-style maps while clans fight over territories . The gameplay of Warzone is based on easy controls which play to the strengths of the platform, providing a great experience regardless of skill or experience following the philosophy easy to learn, hard to master.


Nemesis: Air Combat

The year is 2050 and you have been betrayed. Nemesis is an adrenaline-pumping action game in which you are transformed into a mercenary jet-fighter. Unlike all the other fighter aircraft games on the market, the gameplay in Nemesis is based on casual-style controls which play to the strengths of the platform, providing a satisfying experience to the player regardless of their skill or experience.

About Us

Berlin-based Stratosphere Games is a 12-man game development studio formed by gaming veterans from Splash Damage, Rocksteady, and Yager. Stratosphere works with partners worldwide to deliver AAA-quality games for mobile devices and beyond. Backed by their own development architecture, FRAMEWORK, we create next-gen experiences for your pocket, with a strong focus on high-end production values, leading-edge multiplayer features, and innovate engagement and retention elements. Become part of the Stratosphere family, get in contact or play our awesome games.


Kristian Metzger


After his years as an active eSport player, Head of Games for a second gen mobile game studio and Editor in Chief for Eurogamer, Kristian Metzger joined 2011 AAA developer Splash Damage to establish the publishing label Warchest and help transition to F2P. After this he was hired by Infernum Productions as Director Product Managment where he successfully managed and released three AAA F2P online games before founding Stratosphere Games.

Max-Robert Hug


Before his engagement in Stratosphere Games Max-Robert Hug co-founded and managed the investment company Leonidas Associates GmbH. There he was responsible for sales and marketing. Mr. Hug has been a course instructor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management since 2011. Mr. Hug holds a degree in Law.

Job Openings

Game Systems Designer (m/f)

This role is to join the Game Design team at Stratosphere Games. He is responsible for all the progression systems in our games and the respective ingame economy. Berlin - Full Time Employee.

Producer (m/f)

The producer will manage the process from design through code release by closely tracking and analyzing project schedule and milestone goals. Berlin - Full Time Employee.

3D Art Intern (m/f)

Stratosphere Games is looking for a (paid) 3D artist intern to produce, texture, and export a wide variety of 3D elements for use in-game. The ideal candidate has experience modeling and texturing assets. Berlin - Full Time