The Desolation The Desolation

Desolation will bring a complete Looter-Shooter experience to Mobile Devices with fresh controls, a focus on teamplay and a lot of build customization with near endless potential for maximizing your efficiency.

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Dawn of Ages Dawn of Ages

Dawn of Ages is a modern strategy game, played on mobile, where players lead their city states through history. The game mixes authentic armor, weapons and units with a unique art style and dramatic, automated battles.


Homeworld Mobile Homeworld Mobile

Homeworld Mobile (title pending) extends Homeworld to a new galaxy and a new platform. Sign up for news here and you’ll hear more from Fleet Command soon. Back Homeworld 3 on Fig and get guaranteed priority access to Homeworld Mobile.

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We are:

Berlin-based Stratosphere Games is a nearly 70-person strong game development studio formed by gaming veterans from Splash Damage, Wargaming, Huuuge Games, Nexon, Smilegate and Ubisoft. Stratosphere Games works with partners worldwide to deliver AAA-quality MMO games for mobile devices and beyond. Backed by their own development architecture, FRAMEWORK, we create next-gen experiences for your pocket, with a strong focus on high-end production values, leading-edge multiplayer features, innovate engagement and retention elements. Become part of the Stratosphere Games family, get in contact or play our awesome games.

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